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About us

Welcome to White Gate Tattoo Studio!

Situated in the stylish Glockenbachviertel, directly at the U-Bahn Station Fraunhoferstraße, our state-of-the-art studio boasts a calibre of elegance that stands unparalleled compared to any other in Munich. We pride ourselves on being not just a place where you get a tattoo but a space where every client feels seen, valued, and at ease. Our transparency, attention to detail, and dedication make us not just a studio but a family.

Our journey began with the vision of offering something distinct that was missing in the local market. We recognised that while many desired a tattoo studio that upheld the highest standards of hygiene and expertise while offering a luxurious yet familiar environment, very few could truly claim to provide the same. It's not just about the art for us but the complete experience. This is where our core essence shines through.

We provide an All-Inclusive Tattoo Experience - from consultation, design creation, and aftercare to potential touch-ups - all ensconced in a luxurious, intimate, and familiar environment. Clients are treated with the utmost respect, and their wishes and concerns are always prioritised.

Moreover, we continuously monitor cultural trends, ensuring we are at the forefront of what's stylish and relevant. We remain committed to educating our clients about tattoos, making sure they are informed every step of the way. However, while we have many strengths, we are also self-aware. We recognise our areas of improvement, and every day, we strive to better our services and enhance our client relationships. Our commitment to continuous learning and evolution makes us proficient artists and trusted confidants to our clients.

In an industry riddled with challenges, from misconceptions to unfounded claims, we have rooted ourselves in authenticity and professionalism. Our pictures are a testament to our quality, passion, and dedication.

All this said, our most significant promise remains our unwavering dedication to you, our clients. At White Gate Tattoo Studio, you are not just getting a tattoo; you are embarking on a journey, and we are honoured to be your chosen guides.

Join us, and let's create art that lasts a lifetime!

Curated for You

Our Studio

Tattoo Styles

We pride ourselves on our founder, Andrei, who enjoys any tattoo style. With more than 12 years of experience, he stays up-to-date regarding tattoo techniques and tattoo styles. He is your best option for cover-ups, realistic tattoos or traditional tattoos. Trendy tattoos like Fine Line are also in his portfolio.
Our Junior Artists, Roxana and Monica are also proficient in line work, black work and Fine Line. 
We usually host guest artists, offering their individual styles. Check out the news page and our Instagram page for more information and upcoming guest spots.
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