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How to take care of your fresh tattoo

Updated: Mar 17

Recommended steps for healing a tattoo done in our studio

Now you have your tattoo finished, and it really does look good. It is your new piece of art! The tattoo artist did an excellent job, and now it is your turn to take care of your new tattoo. To have a nicely healed tattoo, you must be particularly attentive to it, especially in the first few weeks. This post is your guide to taking care of a fresh tattoo so that it will heal nicely and you can wear it proudly.

We recommend you to follow the steps we provide. Each artist and studio works in specific ways, and each provides recommendations for the healing process so that your tattoo will look as best as possible.

Step #1 - The 'plastic film' stage

After the tattoo artist finishes, they will attach a transparent, sticky film to your tattoo. We recommend keeping the foil on your skin for three to five days. The film is waterproof, so you can take showers while wearing it (no baths, please!), and at the same time, it will allow your skin under it to breathe.

Step #2 - How to remove the plastic film?

When it is time to remove the film, we recommend doing it during your shower because the water will help the foil loosen from your skin. Take your time, and don't rush the process!

Step #3 - Clean the area

Now that your tattoo is exposed, you have to wash it thoroughly. You can use your usual shower gel or soap, but remember that you have to clean the tattoo well.

Step #4 - Let it dry

It is important to leave your tattoo to dry by itself. Your tattoo is still a wound, so please do not use any towel.

Step #5 - Moisturising

Now is the time to use the cream/moisturiser we provided you. You will have to use it three to four times daily for at least one week. Please use a very thin layer of cream, do not oversaturate the skin. The cream keeps your tattoo from drying out, but be aware that your skin still has to breathe. The small can provided should last you at least one week. If you want to read the ingredients of the cream, this is what we use.

Step #6 - ...keep on moisturising

If your tattoo keeps feeling really dry, use the cream for another week. At this stage, you can also switch to a normal body non-perfumed moisturiser.


This short post provided you with the most important steps to follow so that your tattoo will heal nicely and without any problems. Our blog post on Tips and Tricks offers you some information on how to care for your tattoo in summer, and our recommendations on what to avoid during the first weeks with a fresh tattoo. If you have any questions about your new tattoo, comment down below or get in touch with us.

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