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New Year, New Ink: 10 Expert Tips for Elevating Your Tattoo Experience in the Coming Year

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What is your process of finding a tattoo artist and studio to get your tattoo done? How do you prepare for your tattoo session? The multitude of possibilities and infinite choices for designs, artists, and studios, as well as the perfect moment to get the tattoo, can quickly get overwhelming. To help you, we gathered 10 best tips to elevate your tattoo experience in 2024.

Tip #1: Choose a private tattoo studio

New tattoo studios open around the world more often than ever. Yet, very few focus their concepts on the well-being of the individual customer. Private tattoo studios seem to be the best client-oriented alternative. But why? They might offer individual sessions. This comes with some perks:

  • Luxurious or more cosy ambiance.

  • You might be alone in the tattoo area, enjoying peace and quiet. 

  • Maybe you can watch a movie while getting tattooed? This might help you focus more on the plot than the pain.

  • How about engaging in conversation only if you want and not feeling pressured about it?

Tip #2: Find an artist with experience 

A tattoo artist with experience will elevate the quality of your tattoo. An experienced tattoo artist will know how the skin behaves, what techniques are required to get the result you desire or how using different types of tattoo machines can help achieve the best results.

But oh, we all love our money! For tattoos, it is essential not to go for the cheapest option. Usually, experience comes with a price: Remember, you will wear your tattoo forever; it is not a t-shirt.

Tip #3: Exchange those 2 drinks for a wellness session and elevate your tattoo experience

Lady getting a massage
A spa session might do wonders for your skin and mental well-being before a tattoo session.

Alcohol should be avoided as much as possible 24 hours before any tattoo appointment. It thins the blood, makes you bleed more, and the tattooing process might last longer. Alcohol might also make you more sensitive.

Exchange it with a wellness session - gentle exercises, a sauna session, or a hot tub might do the trick to relax your nerves before a tattoo appointment. This might also relax you enough for a good night's sleep, essential before any tattoo appointment. 

Tip #4: Attach your own meaning to the tattoo

Attaching meaning to the things we do in life brings more presence and mindfulness to our actions. This applies to getting tattoos as well. Whether your next tattoo means something deeper or it is a piece of art that elevates your body or body image, knowing why you get it will definitely bring the experience to the next level. Also, you are the only one who benefits from getting a tattoo - embrace it!

Tip #5: Learn mindfulness practices and leverage them during your tattoo session

Pain during a tattoo session is no surprise. Yes, it hurts. But can you do something to ease it? More and more research studies on mindfulness practices, such as meditation, show that they help manage chronic and acute pain (Wipplinger et al., 2023). The studies suggest that even 15 minutes of practice can reduce pain with roughly 30% of its intensity. 

As a tool, we love the Headspace app, as it has a dedicated course for pain management. A recommendation would be to practice mindfulness before your planned session so you can employ it on your appointment date if needed. It does not have side effects, so why not?

Tip #6: Have a friend who has a friend who knows an awesome studio and was there

Knowing someone with tattoos is a blessing, especially if their tattoo style resembles yours. Why? Because you can actually see the result on their body! However, remember that the experience might not be 100% the same, or maybe you are looking for something else. It is essential to conduct your own research. 

Some studios (ours included!) also have referral programs, so maybe you can get a discount from your friend for your next appointment!

Bonus tip: Don't hesitate to ask when you see someone wearing a tattoo you like!

Tip #7: Nourishing food and hydration. Before, during, and after your tattoo session

Avocado and egg, on toast, sprinkled with seeds.
A balanced diet keeps your body healthy helping also with the healing process.

Having a nutritious and balanced diet is one of the most important steps you can take to lead a healthy life. This applies also when it comes to getting tattoos.

Having a good amount of nutrients, antioxidants and foods with

slow-release energy might help you go through that tattoo session like a champ.

A good meal before your tattoo session ensures your blood sugar remains normal. Some healthy snacks during your tattoo session, especially if it is longer, might give you the energetic kick you need to go through it!

Tip #8: Choose an artist who knows a thing or two about drawing and visual arts in general 

Imagine getting a portrait tattoo done by an artist who does not understand proportions. Tricky, right? Make sure that your tattoo artist understands what he is doing. They might require different skills for different tattoo styles, so a guy doing line work might not need to understand face proportions. Make sure you research before choosing the right artist for your desired tattoo.

Tip #9: Make sure the studio is up to date with the technology and the machines they use: results are heavily influenced by this!

This aspect is often overlooked, especially by customers. But as tattoo artists, we can definitely say that machines influence the results. But how could you benefit if the tattoo artist is savvy in using different tattoo machines?

  • Quality and precision: 

  • Minimising trauma: 

  • Adaptability: 

Tip #10: Relax and enjoy the process

Yes. Relax and enjoy it. If you already have tattoos, this might be like a spa visit. You know the drill already. If this is your first one, you are brave and chose to do this. Assuming that you did your research before, you chose the best option that suits you most. 


In summary, you can take some active steps to improve your tattoo experiences in 2024. Researching the studio and the artists more might open your possibilities to finding the perfect artist for you. Preparing before your tattoo appointment might increase the probability that you will be relaxed and enjoy the process more. Remember, as the technology and customers' wishes evolve, the tattooing services also grow with them. Keep an open mind and enjoy the process!

What are your tips for elevating a tattoo experience? Share them with us in the comment section, and let's make tattooing a little better!

Note: We can definitely agree with tip #6, for example, as many of our clients know someone who was here before. This really humbles us, and we appreciate it the most. It also gives us the reassurance that we do our best work possible, and you guys love it!


Wipplinger, F., Holthof, N., Andereggen, L., Urman, R. D., Luedi, M. M., & Bello, C. (2023). Meditation as an adjunct to the management of acute pain. Current Pain and Headache Reports, 27(8), 209–216.

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