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Terms and Conditions Referral Program

December, 2023

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1. Introduction and Definitions​


     1.1 "Existing Clients" are defined as individuals who have received a tattoo service from our studio within the last 18 months.

​     1.2 "New Customers" refers to individuals who are planning to get a tattoo done in our studio but have not utilised our services in the last 18 months.

2. Eligibility

     2.1 The eligibility for participating in the referral program is limited to the defined existing and new customers,

     2.2 All participants must be aged 18 and above.

3. Referral Code Allocation

     3.1 Each existing client, as per our definition, will be allocated a unique referral code. This code can be obtained upon request through various means: via email at or by telephone at 01747507202. The codes can be picked up from the studio, Baaderstr. 82-84, 80469 München, or can be sent via Post.

     3.2 Commencing from the 10th of January, 2024, every client visiting our studio will be provided with a card printed with their customer number and an additional four cards intended for distribution to potential new clients.

4. Discounts

     4.1 A new client who uses a referral code at their first appointment will receive a 10% discount.

     4.2 The existing client who provided the referral will receive a 10% discount on their next appointment.

     4.3 The discounts are applicable only for appointments with our resident tattoo artists and do not extend to sessions with guest artists.

     4.4 Each existing client is limited to referring a maximum of three new clients.

5. Redemption Process

     5.1 For a new client to redeem their discount, they must present the card featuring the existing client’s referral code either during their consultation appointment or at the time of their tattoo appointment. This action will automatically apply a 10% discount to their tattoo session.

     5.2 For the existing clients, the 10% discount is automatically applied to their account for their next appointment for each successful referral that utilises their code.

6. Expiry of Referral Rewards

     6.1 The referral discounts awarded are not indefinite; they hold validity for a period of one year from the date of issuance.

7. Non-Transferability

     7.1 The referral rewards are strictly non-transferable. They are intended solely for the use of the clients who earned them through the referral process.

8. Combining Discounts

     8.1 The discounts obtained through this referral program cannot be combined with other offers, promotions, or discounts available at White Gate Tattoo Studio.

9. Modification and Termination of the Program

     9.1 White Gate Tattoo Studio reserves the full right to either modify or terminate the referral program at any time. In case of such changes, notifications will be prominently displayed on our official website,

10. Disqualification

     10.1 Any misuse of the referral codes or the provision of false information will immediately disqualify the participants from the program.

11. Liability and Indemnity

     11.1 Participants in the referral program must acknowledge and agree that White Gate Tattoo Studio, along with its directors, managers, employees, and shareholders, shall not be held responsible for any claims arising from the illegal distribution or transfer of the referral code.

     11.2 The terms and conditions are constructed under the governing law of Germany, and by participating in the program, clients agree to abide by these terms.

12. Data Protection

     12.1 As part of the referral program, the personal data of both the referrer and the referred new client will be collected and processed by White Gate Tattoo Studio. This data will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and in accordance with our privacy policy. White Gate Tattoo Studio commits to not using this data for any other purpose unless consented to by the clients or as required by law.

13. Exclusion Cases

     13.1 In the event that the referral program cannot be executed as planned due to reasons such as technical malfunctions, sabotage 

     13.2 White Gate Tattoo Studio reserves the right to exclude participants in cases of technical malfunctions, sabotage, fraud, or manipulation attempts.


     White Gate Tattoo Studio is not liable for circumstances beyond its control affecting the program.

     The studio assumes no liability for losses or damages related to the program.


     Participation requirements may be altered at any time.

     This program is independent of other studio promotions and is subject to German law.

     Jurisdiction, where permitted, is Munich.

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